Preschool Two

Cognitive and problem solving skills are introduced. Self help skills are fostered and children are allowed the success of personal accomplishment. Teachers support children’s uniqueness through encouraging strengths as well as nurturing areas of development that are emerging.
In this classroom, open-ended curriculum experiences nurture children’s development in all four areas: emotional, cognitive, social and physical. The environment created by teachers provides children with a safe place to explore. Classroom consistently includes playdough, water table, sensory table, science corner, easel, blocks, book corner, dramatic play area, puzzle area, manipulative table and an area where children have daily access to tape, markers, scissors and crayons. Consistency with self-help skills is considered part of the curriculum. This classroom strives to nourish internal ownership of their success in all skills developed throughout the year.
For older preschoolers, writing, pre-reading, math, science and continuation of building social and emotional development are the basis of the curriculum. Curriculum areas dictate clear expectations where children learn to make choices of interest. Clear expectations provide children with continuous opportunities to practice behavior in negotiating, problem-solving plus respect for materials and peers. Field trips enhance a few of the curriculum themes. Teachers involve the children in curriculum development as emergent activities and are enjoyed by all! Parents receive developmental progress reports twice annually.

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