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Summer is coming!

WoodsEdge Children’s Center June 2015 Newsletter

June brings many changes.

I’d like to introduce a new teacher who will be helping out in the infant toddler building. Justine Taber. She is certified to teach both preschool and Infant/Toddler groups. She will join us in a few weeks. Justine has great energy and some good solid experience behind her. Coincidently she is related to the Kaplans. They are alumnae of the center and have a room named after them due to a nice “Thank you” donation when their family graduated .

We welcome four new families. When you see a new face feels free to say “Hello.” Preschool Two and Toddlers have been growing groups with the infant room expecting as well. We have new children joining us in July and January.

A word on the yard sale. Posting information is crucial. If you can put up even one poster it will make a difference. The newsletter included the sign attachment.

We have some sellers set up for Saturday and can use your help as well. The sale items will be out, marked and ready to go Saturday morning. The sale runs until 1 and cleanup will probably go until 2. Hauling items to the transfer station, or a donation site is the last chore of the process. If you can help with that, thank you!

A housekeeping item. Please be timely with your tuition. The policy for late payment includes a $15 charge for receipt after the 5th. I will be enforcing this in the future.

Summer brings day trips and outside activities. We are so fortunate to have Cape Cod, The Berkshires, The North Shore beaches, great museums, outdoor concert areas and free parks. Southwick in Mendon, The Ecotarium in Worcester, The Children’s Discovery Museum, Battleship Cove and Storyland are all well recommended spots! So much to do and so little time.

Summer, as usual will bring a combining of Preschool Two and Three for most of the day. We have many five year olds going off to camp lowering our older child population.

Summer will also bring Valerie back to us and she will be teaching a transitional toddler room for the summer months on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The older toddlers will graduate out to the Preschool Two room in September. Older Preschool Two children will graduate out to Preschool Three in September.

We are still looking for a preschool three teacher and just began a new ad on “School Spring.” This should prove fruitful and I’ll keep you posted as the process moves along.

The July newsletter may be a bit late as I am once again going back to Peru for 13 days and will return the 7th. Traditionally there is no August newsletter.

Happy summer….let’s hope it feels long and leaves us with many fun memories!!



Infant Room Newsletter

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this New England weather!

This month we will be working more on sitting up and crawling.

Some of the children are starting on finger foods and some on pureed foods. Milestones! Everyone is growing so fast!

Please remember to look through clothing to see if items are weather and size appropriate.

It is super helpful for children to have both bug spray and sunscreen (where appropriate0 applied prior to arrival. This will be reapplied later in the day. Hats are important as well as the children go outside daily.

As the children get older it is so important to child proof your home. A good website for tips is; It has a childproofing checklist. Mobility happens!                                             


Toddlers June Newsletter 2015

During the month of May we have been enjoying the warm weather, we’ve been on a few walks looking for signs of spring life: flowers, birds and buds on the trees. The kids have been playing allot in the playground and in the water table outside.

We have been making spring crafts such as flowers, bees, caterpillar and butterflies.

The month of June I will enjoy doing an Ocean, Under the sea and Beach Theme.  I’ll put sand in the sensory table with sea shells.
We will have books, puzzles and lots of crafts like fish, shells, seahorse, star fish, crabs and lobsters.  I was thinking about making a big collage of the ocean and adding the sea animals to it. We will paint with shades of blue to make the ocean.

In our outside sand box we will be making sand castles and sand molds like star fish and seahorse.
Sail boats and fish will be added. There might be a fishing table with magnets added so the children can go fishing.  Beach balls might add to the fun!

I would like to add to our class room and circle time: Music and Movements! Various genres, Jazz, Classical and World music, instruments, dancing, jumping, rhythm sticks, musical toys like drums and shakers. I’m sure the kids will love that.

Some Reminders:

Make sure your child has on sun block and bug spray before they come to school in the morning.
We will re-apply in the afternoon

Extra change of clothes is necessary. Please check your bins.

Please bring a bathing suit, towel and water shoes as well as a water cup.

Please put your child’s name on everything!!!

Thank you all so much!

We say goodbye to Autumn her and her family who will be moving.
We wish you all the best. Autumn will be greatly missed.

Another reminder:

We’re having a yard sale on June 6th  Hope to see you there.

Happy Fathers Day on June 21st.



Hello everyone!  We just experienced the most beautiful four weeks of balmy temperatures and the children have been outside challenging themselves on the equipment.  We have been seeing devoted work spent on mastering pumping on the swings and swinging arm over arm on the monkey bars.  Children’s confidence and agility are growing on the dome structure, and their stamina is increasing as they peddle around the tree tirelessly.

At the very beginning of May we welcomed Doris to P2 and she is bringing insight, structure, and energy to our classroom!  We have given the children more responsibilities in our daily routine so the children are more engaged in helping run the classroom, which is engendering a sense of ownership and pride.  We have also been spending time writing and acting out fairy tales. (Thank you parents for supporting this with costumes and props!)  We have talked about mammals vs oviparous animals and made papier mache eggs that have various different egg laying animals in them. Now the eggs are “hatching” every few days which provides an opportunity to review which animals are egg layers and which are mammals.

The bird feeder on the window has been very popular with the Chickadees and an American Goldfinch.  We are planning to identify and learn the names of all the birds that visit.  In June we will continue the bird theme and plan to extend that idea into a pond theme populated with insects and frogs. We will continue to incorporate literacy into curriculum at circle with phonetics games and reading name books.

In the coming month we are looking forward having Amanda join our classroom, and were thrilled to meet Sira today! Welcome!

For our Fathers Day we are hoping to work with a photo from each child’s father…so we are asking that you bring us a photo.

Thank You

Roni and Doris




P3 Newsletter

What have we been up to?

Our Ocean unit is drawing to a close and we will move on to learning a bit about snakes (invertebrates).

What did we learn about the ocean?

We did some experimenting around sinking and floating. Water with and without salt. Why is that?

We learned a bit about the “Midnight Zone.” This is something I have been fascinated with as it is a world unlike any other. Fish with bioluminescence, glowing body parts, a world without sunlight and 1,000+ feet under the ocean surface.

We learned about seahorses, jelly fish, a few sea birds, coral and about a couple of sharks. Did you know that the oceans’ largest living organism is the Great Barrier Reef? Also, only 5% of the oceans of the worlds’ oceans have been explored. Oceanography as a career anyone?

We cooked play dough, had a visit from Peggy’s parrots and are learning a song to entertain you at our annual end of year celebration.

We continue to guess words, play with new words such as tentacles and crustacean and skip count as well as count by evens and odds.

The agenda for the day on June 19th has been changed a bit. Mr. Vic has offered to be a part of our morning and will join us at 11:30. We will start the gathering at 11 rather than 9:30. At this point there is no after party so the children will be dismissed by noon.

I hope all of our dads have a very nice father’s day!




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seasonal strategies

It’s poison ivy season, beware!
Love the weather, annoyed by avoiding the itches?…
Try “Mosquito Barrier”, a natural mosquito and tick repellent concentrate. This is available at stores that carry natural products. It is made to be sprayed around yard perimeters and we have found that it DOES work!

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Sample Newsletters/Communications


Summer is coming and with it a time for exploration.


If you head North to Wingersheek Beach in Gloucester you will find a great family friendly spot with tidal pools. Be sure to wear water shoes as a barnacle cutting a foot will crimp your style and shorten your day.

Exploring natural environments at a leisurely pace allows time for inquiry, observation, and possible further research to answer questions as well as a respect for the natural world.

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