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Toddler Care in Sudbury, MA 

15 months - 2.9 years

Willow Classroom 

Cedar Classroom 

Magnolia Classroom  

Toddler Program

The goal of the toddler childcare program is to foster cooperative, positive, appropriate social interactions between children. Children’s self-confidence is supported and nurtured as they begin to approach the preschool years.


Our toddler curriculum enhances and promotes creativity, sensory exploration, fine and gross motor development, and eye-hand coordination.


With preschool approaching, schedules are a bit more structured with times for indoor and outdoor play, circle time, creative art activities, snacks, lunch, and nap time.

Example STEM Activities

This month, one of the activities in our toddler classroom was set up to further develop the children's math, fine motor (Pincer grip), and sensory skills by taking part in the color cube matching activity. The children were able to build their fine motor skills by peeling and grasping stickers, but also math skills through identifying, matching, and counting colors.

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