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After School Care

Children up to 8 years
Enrichment Activities

At WoodsEdge Children's Center, our after school care program is blended with our PreK program to 8 years old.


There is small group learning divided into younger cohort and older cohort as well as mixed age group learning in the afternoon. Research has shown that one of the critical benefits of multi-age classes is the opportunities children have to build diverse and healthy relationships with children of different ages.


Additionally, older children can be role models for younger children. Moreover, the cooperative learning between older and younger children as well as fewer limits on learning by assumed ability are great benefits for mixed age learning, and there will be more independent learning and more teacher flexibility toward individual needs.

If you’re looking for after school care in Sudbury, we’d love for you to visit us! Please contact us at

Program Highlights:
  • For 3 Years to 8 years/11 months old

  • Social interaction with other same-age children

  • Help with homework

  • Using time effectively to engage children

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