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Our Infant Childcare Program in Sudbury, MA

8 weeks - 15 months

Cherry Classroom 

Oak Classroom 

Infant Curriculum

Our infant program provides a safe and nurturing environment with a low teacher-infant ratio. 


Caregivers present infants with a sense of trust by meeting their needs and engaging in positive and loving social interactions.

Our infant classrooms are full of a variety of different stimulating objects and opportunities to explore and grow in a nurturing environment.


The use of “baby signs” helps infants learn to communicate their needs without frustration. Baby signing also creates a foundation for language skills and back and forth interaction.

Each day, time is set aside for age-appropriate physical activity such as tummy time, sitting up, crawling, and eventually standing and walking. We also connect and play with infants through picture books and singing.

“Summer Picnics with Parents” also give children the chance to enjoy outdoor circle time, art activities, and sensory play together with their parents. 

Example Activities

This month, we explored colors through streamers that we decorated areas with.  We strategically placed the streamers in the classroom to promote and assist the children with their gross motor skills and get their bodies moving.  For some, this activity was great to get them into a standing position either on their own or with assistance, and at the same time it promoted sensory exploration through textures as well as allowing us a simple way to review and identify our colors and build our Math development.

Key Features of Our Infant Program

Infant classroom tummy time

Gross Motor Skill Development

Our infant curriculum features daily activities to encourage gross motor skill development including standing, crawling, and rolling.

Infant classroom outside time

Daily Outdoor Time & Stroller Walks

Weather permitting, our teachers take the infant classroom out for daily outdoor time and stroller walks.

WoodsEdge Children's Center infant classroom

Individualized Transition Schedule

We honor the napping and eating schedule your baby has followed at home, making the transition easy for little ones.

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