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Sudbury, MA
Pre-Kindergarten Program

3.9 years - 5 years
PreK Classrooms 

Maple Classroom

PreK Curriculum

Our Pre-Kindergarten program gives students a solid foundation or success for kindergarten and beyond.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten. Reading and writing skills are a core part of our PreK curriculum, with your teachers spending more time on letter recognition, counting, and comprehension. Daily PreK learning activities include reading readiness, foreign language immersions, and beginning writing. 


Learning Through Hands-On STEM Activities. Each week, our PreK students participate in fun, hands-on STEM activities where they learn about cause and effect, working in groups, and develop problem-solving skills.


Encouraging Creativity and Independent Play. There are also plenty of opportunities for students to explore on their own throughout the day with independent centers ranging from art, creative and dramatic play, and more.

Key Features of Our
Pre-Kindergarten Program

Chinese language lesson WoodsEdge Children's Center and Preschool Sudbury, MA

Foreign Languages

Students in our PreK program are exposed to foreign languages, helping to increase problem-solving and critical thinking.

Toddler outdoor playtime WoodsEdge Children's Center and Preschool Sudbury, MA

Large Outdoor Play Areas

With our large outdoor play area including a full bicycle track, our .PreK students have plenty of room to demonstrate gross motor skills and stay active.

Preschool field trip Sudbury MA

Educational Field Trips

Our PreK students have a chance to learn beyond the classroom by participating in a number of educational field trips throughout the year. 

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