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Preschool Program

2.9 years - 6 years

Pine Classroom (Preschool)

Maple Classroom (PreK) 

Preschool & PreK Curriculum

WoodsEdge Children’s Center offers full-day preschool and PreK curriculum that nurtures child development in all four areas: emotional, cognitive, social, and physical. 


Our goal is to help preschoolers cultivate self-help skills through consistency and ensure every child has a solid foundation for elementary school. 


Both our preschool and PreK programs strive to nourish internal ownership of their success in all skills developed throughout the year. 


Activities include Playdough, water table, sensory table, science corner, easel, blocks, book corner, dramatic play area, puzzle area, manipulative table, and an area where preschool students have daily access to tape, markers, scissors, and crayons. 

Hands-On STEM Preschool Explorations

This month, the preschoolers enjoyed a STEM activity called "The Melting Rainbow."  The children all got to experiment with this wonderful science/sensory activity. They were given Skittles to line the edge of their plate in a circle. Then they were assisted with slowly pouring water on the plate.  Many were so curious on the "how" and "why" of the results that they kept on saying they were magicians.  

Key Features of Our Preschool Childcare Program

Preschoolers learning about gardening at WoodsEdge Children's Center Sudbury, MA

Learning from Nature Focusing on Gardening

Gardening is a healthy, fun activity for children. Our preschool students develop new skills and learn about science and nature from growing their own food. They also quickly discover vegetables can be nutritious and delicious. 

Toddler outdoor playtime WoodsEdge Children's Center Sudbury, MA

Large Outdoor Play Areas

Preschoolers are encouraged to explore the outdoors in one of our three large play areas including a full bicycle track. Activities include observing plants and insects, jumping in leaves and puddles and physical play, etc.

Daily toddler activities at WoodsEdge Children's Center Sudbury, MA

Daily Preschool Activities

Daily activities for preschoolers may include art, music, gross motor skills development, pre-reading and pre-math instruction, story time, library time, foreign languages, science projects, and activity/learning centers, etc.

Why Choose Us for Preschool in Sudbury?

  • Unique and stimulating preschool learning environment in a wooded setting

  • Foreign languages, art, and music infused into preschool curriculum

  • Field trips that expose preschoolers  to new experiences that will benefit comprehension and imagination

  • Every preschool classroom has one Early Education certified teacher and one teaching assistant

  • All teachers MA certified in Early Childhood Education and/or Elementary Education

  • Strong academic curriculum and school-home connection

Toddler activities at WoodsEdge Children's Center Sudbury, MA
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